Where is the Bermuda triangle?

Where is the Bermuda triangle?

Bermuda triangle
Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle (formerly known as the Devil’s Triangle) is a geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean most commonly described as an area located between three imaginary lines representing the southernmost point of Florida, the northernmost point of Bermuda, and the easternmost point connecting the island of Puerto Rico. The boundaries of the zone vary somewhat in size and shape between different authors. Bermuda Triangle.

Yabaaa – Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle gradually became popular following a September 16, 1950 article in the Miami Herald Associated Press newspaper by Edward Van Winkle Jones, although that name would not be given to the area for another ten years. Bermuda Triangle.

The specific reason for the article is the disappearance of the 56-meter freighter Sandra in April of the same year, but it also covers the strange cases of the disappearance without a trace of five Grumman Avenger torpedo bombers and, in the second half of the 1940s, the DC-3 passenger aircraft, Star Tiger and Old Ariel. These cases, discovered in previous decades and re-emerging over time, are popularized by the media worldwide.

A former aviator and flight instructor, Kusche’s interest in the Bermuda Triangle began, in his own words, “in 1972, when, in my role as librarian at Arizona State University, I was often asked to help research the subject.” Kusche researched the issue meticulously, consulting dozens of sources of information and citing, among other things, statements from U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force officials, archives from Lloyd’s Insurance Company, and a large number of newspapers. In his 1975 book, The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved, his conclusions were as follows:

  • Once enough information is found, a logical explanation emerges for most accidents.
  • With a few exceptions, the very accidents for which no information can be found remain unsolved
  • Extinctions occur in all parts of the ocean and even over land
  • Some of the missing ships and aircraft passed through the Bermuda Triangle, but it is not known for certain whether they perished there
  • In many cases, the location where a ship or aircraft met its fate was almost completely unknown, and the search often had to extend over large areas
  • Many accidents were not considered mysterious when they occurred, but became so many years later
  • Contrary to the so-called “legend” in many of the incidents, the weather conditions were poor. In several cases, this is due to hurricanes, about which much has been written in the past
  • Many of the accidents occurred in the late afternoon or night, making it impossible for rescuers to see anything before the next morning, giving the sea many extra hours to disperse all the debris.

A large number of the authors promoting the events did not conduct their own original research, but rather merely retold articles by previous authors, thereby perpetuating errors and embellishments in previous publications
In several accidents, the authors withhold information that clearly points to the cause of the disappearance
As the most striking case of an artificially created sensation, Kusche points to the disappearance of sailor Bill Verity in August 1969, with whom he spoke personally by telephone on November 30, 1973.

Famous Mysterious Tales of the Bermuda Triangle

This theory claims that there is a very strong attraction of the Earth’s natural magnet that redirects the compass and other sophisticated devices and does not allow them to take their intended route through the water. Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda triangle

However, since no single theory has been able to offer a concrete explanation, many still believe that there is nothing strange about the region, as most incidents were inaccurately reported or made up versions of the accidents.

Despite the fact that there is no proven theory as to the exact reason behind the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, accidents continue to occur in the region every year. Bermuda Triangle

And the legends of the Bermuda Triangle consist of a number of mysterious ships in the region; most of them remain the least clueless. Here is a list of the most famous disappearance stories or unsolved mysteries of ship accidents in the Devil’s Triangle. Bermuda Triangle.

The stories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle begin in the time of Christopher Columbus, when he reportedly saw a flame of fire hitting the sea in the triangle during his first voyage to the New World. Bermuda Triangle.

However, the region’s mysterious behavior only became public knowledge in the 20th century, when the Navy cargo ship USS Cyclops disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle with more than 300 people on board. The most recent incident in the region is the disappearance of a small twin-engine aircraft in May this year.

With four people on board, the plane suddenly disappeared from radar while flying from Puerto Rico to Florida, and the wreckage of the missing plane was later found.

The most recent incident involving a ship was the sinking of a cargo ship in the Bermuda Triangle during a deadly hurricane in October 2015.

As the often mysterious accidents continue to occur in the Bermuda Triangle region, many have offered a number of explanations for the mystery behind them. Bermuda Triangle

The role of paranormal activity and the presence of aliens has been heavily emphasized by those who believe that something strange is happening, while many with scientific views have disputed this argument and offered rational explanations for the phenomenon. Bermuda Triangle

Among the few scientific explanations proposed, the theory of electromagnetic interference causing compass problems is the more popular.

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