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weather Berlin

Berlin, capital and most important urban center of Germany. The city lies in the heart of the North German Plain, across an east-west trade and geographical axis that helped make it the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia and, from 1871, of unified Germany. Berlin’s former glory ended in 1945, but the city survived the devastation of World War II. It was rebuilt and showed amazing economic and cultural growth.

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The weather in Berlin is what you would expect from mainland Europe, with some very cold winters – with temperatures often dropping below zero and frost and snow – but equally hot and sunny summers.

In the latter, temperatures can reach thirty degrees and tourists may want to go for the factor fifteen and head to the lakes and forests in western Berlin. However, remember that summer is also the rainiest season in Berlin.

So if you’re traveling to Germany in July and August, you might want to hold on to your umbrella too. If you’re coming to the city, don’t risk it – check out our five-day forecast of weather conditions in Berlin and you’ll be sure to arrive well prepared! Berlin enjoys pleasant, sunny summers when the days are long and temperatures can sometimes exceed 30°C, especially in July and August.

weather Berlin

However, the summer months are also unpredictable, and odd days can quickly change from sunshine to clouds. In contrast, winter weather in Berlin is bitterly cold and humid, with abundant snow and frosty days when temperatures are at or just below freezing. Rain can fall all year round, but the wettest months are June and August and the driest, on average, are October and February. Weather Berlin.

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